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Stages of Accepting the F3T Promotional Package

Overtures are made on behalf of the Fly Fishing Film Tour about receiving a promotional care package.


Your first thought is that your fears of a continued slide into blog irrelevancy are momentarily abated. Or they had a long list.

Your second thought is, you are an outlaw blogger, do they know what they’re getting into? Then you look down and you’re wearing khakis; self-assesment may be in order.

Your third thought is, you’ve already read the post to end all posts about the F3T care package by the Reverend Roughfisher, and what else are you going to say?

Thought number four: There’s beer inside the box. Ensconced in bubble wrap.

Five: Free hat!

Six: There’s no showing in New York City. Lots of people fly fish in New York City. Makes you wonder if there was some behind the scenes discussion reminiscent of Spinal Tap. UPDATE: I’ve just been informed that the F3T Tour is, in fact, coming to New York City on March 20th, hosted by the Urban Angler at the Helen Mills Theater. Details on the F3T Calendar. I’m going to leave the above Tap link in anyhow because I like it. See you there.

Seven: There’s some good stuff on this roster. Submissions from people whose work you’ve admired such as RA Beattie, Travis Lowe, Robert Thompson, Todd Moen, and others.

Eight: The Science of Tarpon looks to be bad-ass, because tarpon are.

Nine: The one that strikes closest to home is Urban Lines, for many reasons:

Ten: The film tour has matured since its early days.

Eleven: I got two tickets. Who wants them?*

*(In the unlikely event of more than one response, no apparent rhyme or reason will be accounted for in the selection process.)

Film Tour in Maine Equals Cornell ’77?


I missed the Fly Fishing Film Tour in NYC, read that in Indiana it was quite lame, and thought until now that the place to catch it had to be Austin, TX. But I may have to reconsider.

On Thursday, June 4th the Tour is rolling through Portland, ME.  Flies and Fins is hosting it, with striper guide Eric Wallace as the point man, helped in no small part by Alex the Wildman.

College Kid Ben, The Roughfisher, I’m sure Marshall DeMott, and all the cool kids will be there.

I’d drive up myself if it wasn’t six hours away and I wasn’t leaving to go tarpon fishing the next day.

The Portland crowd has less than a month to work it out and see if it can top the Austin opening promo. “Keep Portland Weird” is just copying at this point.