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Can Fly Fishing Save A Community?

The sunglass maker Costa Del Mar has a new film out about fly fishing for arapaima in Guyana.

I’ve only watched the trailer but am awaiting the DVD, and it seems well worth the screening. Sure all the protagonists are wearing Costa hats and sunglasses but so be it. I love fly fishing videos that go beyond just being awesome, and actually have some weight (see Rivers of A Lost Coast, Red Gold). This one seems to. It’s based on the premise that developing a catch-and-release fly fishery for these giant freshwater fish can create an eco-tourism economy and thereby save a community and ecosystem from habitat destruction.

That’s a tall order, but I’m buying into it.

I give Costa props for the message. Lots of companies make pledges to protect the environment, especially ones who depend on it to sell product, but few put real money behind that. (Patagonia and Rise Fly Rods are two that come to mind.) I look forward to seeing the full film.


Support the Bonefish Tarpon Trust

All about TARBONE

We like the Bonefish Tarpon Trust because they have a cool sounding URL – tarbone.org – and because everything they do is driven by scientific research, and the desire to keep doing it.

So when Aaron Adams dropped a note about supporting the org’s new membership drive, I’m all in.

They are now offering associate membership for $50 contributions. As Dr. Adams wrote:

“As always, the funds go to support BTT’s research, conservation, and education. We are having monthly give-aways of gear (this month it’s Howler Brothers), next month Cheeky, then Orvis,…. But best of all, the final drawing at the end of the year is a trip to Ascension Bay.  And for people who join and renew at $100 of higher, there is a year-end raffle for a trip to Pesca Maya.”

Oregon Streams In Jeopardy, Skeena Screw Job

Got an email yesterday from Matt Stansberry of the Caddis Fly Blog, talking about how plans to ramp up logging could seriously damage some Oregon streams. Some are household names to fly fishermen, even those of us East Coasters who’ve never fished the Pacific Northwest.

As Matt said, “It’s the Alsea, Umpqua, Siuslaw, Rogue and a whole host of other systems.” 

The hell with that. Take a look at Matt’s Post on the Caddis Fly. He explains it far better than I can:

Rivers Impacted By the Western Oregon Plan Revision

Write the Governor. Taking water away from western fly anglers is taking water away from all of us. So, while you’re at it, sign this petition to stop Skeena policy perversity in B.C. brought to light by Buster Wants To Fish:

Wherein We Plead For Help From the Laser Awesome