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STRIPED BASS: Poachers Caught in Connecticut

Via Stripers Forever, this news report about a fisherman caught with $3,000 worth of poached striped bass. Poachers and anglers who keep illegal fish or ignore limits, even if for personal use rather than selling, offend me as much as anyone, because they weaken the argument that the recreational side will be the more responsible stewards. So don’t be that asshole who makes us look like we’re just as greedy and are only fighting for a larger piece of the pie to exploit. Like this guy:

The fisherman, Sean Bradshaw, 44, of Pawcatuck, was charged with the landing and sale of striped bass without a commercial license, commercial fishing without a vessel permit, possession of untagged striped bass and the commercial sale of scup without a license and during the closed season….

…The Connecticut and Rhode Island environmental police acted on information that Bradshaw was catching bass and bringing striped bass back to his dock in the Pawcatuck River near his home. He would ice and store the fish at his home and Guerrieri, the Rhode Island seafood dealer, would then come to his house and buy them, officials said.