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Operation Sponsor Gracie

Our man in Denver Michael Gracie has bravely entered the Costa 2-Fly competition in the Teva Mountain Games.

Like Ricky Bobby at the end of Jackie Moon (or was it Anchorman? Old School?), Gracie’s got no corporate dough backing him up.

Gracie’s training now but the blogosphere needs to help a brother out.

Let’s create a list of what Gracie needs and make sure he gets it:

–Trained Eagle to do a fly over Gracie at the opening ceremonies.

–Helicopter rental for 36o degree aerial coverage.

–Gold Bond powder for the competitive chafing.

–Insane yet deadly patterns from Roughfisher or Singlebarbed.

John Montana’s mojo.

Fat Guy Kyle to help carbo load.

I’m donating a slightly used Fishing Jones commemorative visor. 

Send all cash donations to me and I’ll make sure he gets it.

Winter Blues

Mike experiences the bluefin euphoria

Unrelated email conversations with Jeremy of Flies and Fins and Michael Gracie of, well, Michael Gracie, brought back the memories of a trip that constituted four days of uninterrupted awesomeness.  I haven’t gotten to play the tuna game since that trip, though Lord knows we try, but it’s not an everyday–or even every year–happening to have fly-rodable bluefin come into the backyard.

Watch the water rip at 3:18; that pretty much sums up why this is the holy grail of northeast salt. Damn I’m ready for the season.

Blog Flies


People ask, what’s the point of having a blog? You don’t make any money. There are, like, a million people doing it, and your words get lost in the clutter. You should be ashamed of yourself you stupid idiot. (That’s just Mom.) And I answer them thusly: Sometimes you get free flies.

A while back I sent Michael Gracie my Drift tickets. As thanks, he just sent me some killer poppers and clousers. [editor’s note: I am supposed to share a few with Jason Puris of The Fin but I think I’ll just tell him they never showed.] As a side bonus, he sent them along in a reusable plastic sandwich container. Thanks MG, they will be used and abused.

And, as a result of catching a bowfin on fly when I was trying to catch snakeheads, recording it for posterity with a photo, and sending it into the Roughfisher, I have more flies en route. (Photo of the Roughfisher flies to follow soon.)