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Last Call

Striper Mug

Thursday is likely my last day on the water for 2008. Unless I can somehow find time to get out during the herring run or it gets really cold in December and I can hit the outflow at the Stacks. I was supposed to be on the water today but for the stupid jerkbag clipper system gale warnings.

It’s been a strange fall for Northeast salt and if the pattern continues next year, I’m moving to Montauk.

Black Muddy Buzzkill

Brown trout

More trout could have been had today, but the rains made the river rise to higher than normal levels. Levels that made most of the accessible spots too deep to fish with the now-required hip waders. I’d been ok with the hipsters until I stepped deeper to get a better angle and took a dose of chilled water all the way down to the socks. At that moment, I truly regretted the ban on chest waders and felt soles on my river.

flooded path

I didn’t expect there to be any fishing to begin with, as the high water levels created a murky torrent in the river and turned the trails into swampland. But the rain waylaid all planned home improvement projects, so why not?

Muddy boots

(Muddy hipsters in ambulatory action.)

Brown Troutie

But one pool held a few fish willing to eat. That’s all a man can ask for.