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Ditch Fishing Paraphernalia: Shorties

The Redington Predator and Temple Fork TiCrx short sixes.
The Redington Predator and Temple Fork TiCrx short sixes.

A man serious about the prospecting of ditches needs a shorty. As discovered researching  “A Brief History of Ditch Fishing” a 7’6″ snub-nosed can be a deadly weapon at close range. My dad’s old Horrocks-Ibbotson is to me a ranking northeast small stream trout rod (bought in his time for $12). But for my ditch forays I wanted a 6w with extra mustard.

I tried two less expensive commercial rods under eight feet: the Redington Predator and the Temple Fork TiCrx 6w. I’ve fished both of them in close quarters north and south since April, and used an anonymous 9′ 6w as the field test control. Here are my thoughts:

REDINGTON PREDATOR 71064: 7’10” six weight. The Redington Predator has backbone. It’s 4 inches longer and a half ounce lighter than the TiCrx, but it proved the stiffer rod for double hauling big clumsy flies in wind. The Predator allowed for better line control than the nine footer. It handled 150 grain sink line better than the TiCrx and would be more suited to light saltwater duty. Great for throwing big poppers and oversized streamers normally reserved for 8 or 9w duty. Not as great for soft presentations. $199, www.redington.com

TEMPLE FORK TICRX 0676 4 TX 7’6″ six weight. Once you calibrate loading the rod on back cast, the TiCrx shorty allows for accurate casts and tight loops. I could put shots under bridges and into bank overgrowth far better than with the nine footer and with greater accuracy than the Predator. It has more feel than the Predator but I didn’t like how it responded with the 150 grain sink. $250, www.templeforkflyrods.com

VERDICT: I like the Predator for big bugs, sinking line, and light salt, and the TiCrx for spots with no backcast room and tight fits. I may try to make my own ditch rod from a blank and either way if I’m walking a dirty canal I’m never bringing my neener again.

Redington Reel Winner Announced for Redfish


Thanks to everyone who came over here and signed Capt. Gordon’s North Carolina Gill Net Ban Petition. The list to date of 273 signatures is a great start.

And thanks to Redington for donating a 7/8 Titanium CDL Reel.

A note before announcing the winner…

As mentioned, 273 signatures is a great start. But 1,000 would be a great finish. Some people out there could be asking the question, Why does an expat Floridian living in New York care what happens to a bunch of redfish in North Carolina?

It’s an easy answer. Despite all the once in a lifetime trips to remote outposts chasing after taimen or masheer or milkfish that we dream of and read about or eyeball in hi def, most of us spend 99 percent of our time fishing local. Here, where I live now, if stripers get torched again, that’s it, I’ll have to take up badminton. Coastal Carolina has redfish. It could have unbelievable redfish. Or it could have nothing. It’s not acceptable, anywhere. Fish local, help local.


[Quick selection explanation. I assigned every commenter a number, then used the random number generator from Random.org to pick the winner.]

The Redington Titanium goes to Michael Carroll of Texas (signer #160 on the petition.) I’ll email you for your info in order to ship your reel.

Thanks Michael and everyone else for signing. (The petition link will remain up top in the alert box for anyone who still wants to sign.)

CONTEST: Help Redfish, Win a Reel

Redfish photos should look like this…


Not this…


Our friend Capt. Gordon, a North Carolina fly fishing guide, wants to make the second picture a thing of the past, so more people can take more of the first.

The problem is that North Carolina still allows a particularly indiscriminate type of commercial fishing in the form of unattended gill nets.


He needs 1,ooo signatures to send it to the Governor.

Here’s the deal. Go sign his petition, then leave a comment on this post saying “signed.” That’s all you have to do to help a fly brother out.  For those two seconds of your time, you will be eligible to win a REDINGTON TITANIUM CDL REEL for 7/8 W Line. (A Winner will be chosen at random from the comments list on this post, provided your name matches up with the petition.)



Will help a lot with this…


In case you missed it, HERE’S THE LINK TO THE PETITION.

[Note: If you’ve already put your name on the petition, you can still leave a “signed” comment here.]


UPDATE: Special thanks  to…

40 Rivers To Freedom


Michael Gracie

The Caddis Fly


Maine Fly Castings

The Fin

Fishing Talks

UPDATE: The contest is over, but the petition still needs signatures. Thanks to everyone who participated.