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HOW-TO: 5-Step DIY Rod Tube

1. Go to hardware store.

2. Buy PVC stuff

3. Glue PVC stuff together

4. Breathe in PVC Glue, depress nervous system

5. Adorn with accumulated stickers

[Inspiration derived from Urbn Outdoors last spring. He went further, making rod socks and streamer cases.]

UPDATE: Original inspiration goes WAY BACK to the Headmaster of the Brownline School, JP the Roughfisher. Here’s his original post, with apologies for not remembering where I got the idea.

Film Tour in Maine Equals Cornell ’77?


I missed the Fly Fishing Film Tour in NYC, read that in Indiana it was quite lame, and thought until now that the place to catch it had to be Austin, TX. But I may have to reconsider.

On Thursday, June 4th the Tour is rolling through Portland, ME.  Flies and Fins is hosting it, with striper guide Eric Wallace as the point man, helped in no small part by Alex the Wildman.

College Kid Ben, The Roughfisher, I’m sure Marshall DeMott, and all the cool kids will be there.

I’d drive up myself if it wasn’t six hours away and I wasn’t leaving to go tarpon fishing the next day.

The Portland crowd has less than a month to work it out and see if it can top the Austin opening promo. “Keep Portland Weird” is just copying at this point.

Blog Flies


People ask, what’s the point of having a blog? You don’t make any money. There are, like, a million people doing it, and your words get lost in the clutter. You should be ashamed of yourself you stupid idiot. (That’s just Mom.) And I answer them thusly: Sometimes you get free flies.

A while back I sent Michael Gracie my Drift tickets. As thanks, he just sent me some killer poppers and clousers. [editor’s note: I am supposed to share a few with Jason Puris of The Fin but I think I’ll just tell him they never showed.] As a side bonus, he sent them along in a reusable plastic sandwich container. Thanks MG, they will be used and abused.

And, as a result of catching a bowfin on fly when I was trying to catch snakeheads, recording it for posterity with a photo, and sending it into the Roughfisher, I have more flies en route. (Photo of the Roughfisher flies to follow soon.)