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Operation Sponsor Gracie, Redux

The dude’s got cat-like reflexes and used to play drums for Les Claypool. Last year we tried to get him propped out for the Teva Games Costa 2Fly Competition for no good reason.

This year he’s rocking the 10-gallon for good cause: Raising money for Casting For Recovery.

Give him a pledge for points scored over on his site, and see how he does this weekend.

Operation Sponsor Gracie

Our man in Denver Michael Gracie has bravely entered the Costa 2-Fly competition in the Teva Mountain Games.

Like Ricky Bobby at the end of Jackie Moon (or was it Anchorman? Old School?), Gracie’s got no corporate dough backing him up.

Gracie’s training now but the blogosphere needs to help a brother out.

Let’s create a list of what Gracie needs and make sure he gets it:

–Trained Eagle to do a fly over Gracie at the opening ceremonies.

–Helicopter rental for 36o degree aerial coverage.

–Gold Bond powder for the competitive chafing.

–Insane yet deadly patterns from Roughfisher or Singlebarbed.

John Montana’s mojo.

Fat Guy Kyle to help carbo load.

I’m donating a slightly used Fishing Jones commemorative visor. 

Send all cash donations to me and I’ll make sure he gets it.