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Behind The Shed

When RFP brought his guitar he played The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down and everybody around the bonfire liked it. So the next year ZB checked his guitar with his luggage and flew it all the way up from Florida. As soon as we got off the water he pulled it out and started playing, strumming chords in a tight four count as if he were reading sheet music.

Andy was standing down by the river and he saw this and walked up through the cedars to the deck. Andy was a union electrician and he liked to smoke weed and ride around on his mower and perform acoustic sets on open mic night. Andy sat down and we gave him a beer and he watched ZB work through the song. ZB looked up at us for approval and Andy, who didn’t even know him, laid it down.

“If you’re going to play like that then just go behind the shed and masturbate.”

He took the guitar out of ZB’s hands and growled out a blues tune that made no sense but it was kind of cool and we liked it. ZB never brought the guitar back again.

Me? I’m thinking of adding a second shed.